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11-09-2010, 02:25 PM
Lyman Dally is considering bringing back cartoon muscle goddess Quadra-Blu in her own ongoing love/adventure series. The question is... do you want it?

Female muscle fans may remember a little comic in the back pages of Muscular Development magazine during the 1990ís called Max Repô Mr. Astrotitan 2206. It was a futuristic/sci-fi themed bodybuilding cartoon from Lyman Dally starring Max Rep. The character I read it for was the super-muscular, blue-haired female bodybuilder Quadra-Blu.

I recently contacted Lyman and he said itís cool (and surprising) to hear from people that remember Quadra-Blu. We emailed back and forth until I finally asked the question I really wanted to know. Was there a possibility of bringing Quadra-Blu back?

This seemed to pique his interest. The Max Rep series ended in 1998 when Muscular Development went "natural" and Lyman wasn't sure if it would be worth bringing it back after all this time. I can be persuasive (or annoying) and tried to convince him that there are many female muscle fans out there that would love to see her back. He said that if there was ďa large enuff audience interested and/or possibly interested in an online cartoon featuring Max Rep and Quadra-Blu, then I will undertake the effort to re-craft a twice-a-month ongoing story featuring the Cerulian-haired siren.Ē

Let Lyman Dally know that there are fans of Quadra-Blu out there. Please leave your comments for him here and help bring back a female muscle icon.

See more Quadra-Blu art here (http://bit.ly/quadrablu)
Quadra-Blu is an acknowledged property of Lyman Dally. Artwork posted with his permission.

03-16-2011, 07:55 PM
New Female Muscle online cartoon from Lyman Dally coming soon. Quadra-Blu was originally a supporting character in "MAX REP" which ran in Muscular Development magazine until 1998, she's back in a story all her own. Coming to www.quadra-blu.com in April 2011

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03-16-2011, 08:33 PM

05-25-2011, 09:05 PM
Steroids & Asteroids with Quadra-Blu. A NEW web comic starring the Cerulean Muscle Maven from the old Muscular Development Magazine Max-Rep comic series.

Female muscle now has a new hero. Visit Quadra-Blu.com (http://quadra-blu.com/)