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05-11-2011, 08:06 PM
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Eighteen more days and I have seemed to have hit my stride and second wind. ☺ My cardio is in sync my diet is tight and my weight sessions are going good. I am feeling strong and happy. I am most pleased because it took awhile for my prep to get into sync. The last three weeks of my last prep for the ASC was much more difficult. I really didnít give myself time to rest after but I took things a bit slower this time and my mind and body hit their stride at the right time. Another thing I made sure I did, despite of what was going on around me was to ďrelaxĒ and change things up a little. Sometimes even the familiarity of your own gym can get you in a rut so I switched gyms regularly to put myself in a different environment and give myself new sights and sounds to focus on and keep everything fresh. It helped! ☺ I havenít felt tired or worn out at all and I will be going into the Cals feeling strong and happy. I am also motivated by my trainers Pete and Meriza who are striving for their own goals as well. Meriza will be on stage at the Cals and Pete is on route to the USAís. We have all kept each other focused and on track for the journey ahead.
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Well as I mentioned, I did go to the zoo this past weekend but forgot my heart rate monitor LOL! But I can tell you that it was a fun cardio session walking around the zoo and very relaxing as well. I am glad that it was overcast because Iím pretty sure I would not have enjoyed myself or even gone if it was hot. I really enjoyed meeting and feeding a 4000 lbs Indian Rhino. I have to say it was very intimidating standing next to something that big ☺
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Well it is time for me to fuel up with Figure Fuel, Scorch and Vaporize and hit the gym. Until next time