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Default stats

Hi everyone., thanks for the support. Here are my stats: 40yrs old, 6ft, weighing around 190 (yikes!) not exactly sure what bf is, the mirror tells me its high. i think around 22-25%. Anyways., i know i have been fighting with whether or not i want to bodybuild or stick with fitness model competitions., and i know i need to make a decision because i keep bouncing back from getting big to getting lean.

Everytime i attempt to lift heavy and eat more calories., i start to feel fat and i go back to wanting to be lean.

Anyways., i would like to get back down to 170 and take it from there. Looking to compete in 2009. I did my first contest in May 2008 at the Ava Cowans' Fame Tropical in Ft. Laud. I loved it!!!

So, today i start back on my journey. I will start a journal as so many of you suggested that i do. Let me know any of your thoughts and suggestions.

I tried to post a profile pic that comes up when i post, but havent figured it out!! Im not very computer literate. Although, if you click on my username., i was able to post one pic. The pic is 7 days out from contest.
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25, 5'3, 195
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Posts: n/a

36..5' 10-15
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40 yrs old, 5'7", 131lbs 17%BMI
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NPC Figure Competitor - Blondell
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28--5'8"--165lbs--bf ~22%

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23 yrs old, 5ft 2 1/2, 124 (14 weeks out from a show), 18% BF
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40 years old
5' 2"
126-128 lbs.
I rarely take bodyfat measurements, but I can still fit into my size 0 jeans so I'm all good.

♥ ☆ ♥*`*.♥ Dynamite Comes in Small Packages ♥.*`*♥ ☆ ♥

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27 years old
142 lbs.
13% bf
"Last name: FUCK. First name: I don't give a." - 2 Chainz
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39 (for a few more months! YIKES), 5'7'' , 17%, 145
2007 Jr. USA Middleweight Champ
2008 Ms. North Carolina
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39 yr

5 ft

134 lbs

12.3 %

11 weeks out
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45 on thursday
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