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Old 05-02-2008, 01:45 PM
fitmomma3 fitmomma3 is offline
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okay I wrote this on another bored in reply to someone's question on depression while is his first show I knew you girls and guys would all be able to relate LOL

Haha contest prep for me comes in three trimesters KINDA like pregnancy (lol - of course my comparison is mommy related)

or for most the first 4 weeks of a 12 week phase
*You are so excited and pumped at first... its time to prep for a show...peel off the fat, get into shape, crunch and organize your time, you feel like such a warrior!
*Then that wears off and you realize you F-ing hate waking up for AM cardio, all you do is cook, eat, and go to the gym and you start to realize (because you are checking your body out daily) wow again I got FAT in my off season LOL. You start thinking what the hell did I get myself into? There is no way I'm gonna be able to pull this lose a lil confidence and mojo.

FOR pregnancy
(the first three months)

*You're so excited! You're gonna have a baby! Be a parent, make a life!
*Then the newness wears off, throwing up everyday is no fun, you are TIRED as HELL and surprise surprise no one knows your pregnant yet they just think you are getting FAT and lazy lol . You start thinking what the hell did I get myself into there is no way I'm gonna be able to pull this lose a little confidence and mojo.

Second Trimester
(or the second phase of the diet the next 4 weeks 8 weeks out to four weeks out)
*You get a sense of ENERGY and excitement back! You made it through the first month, you are finally in the groove and FEELING like you are KILLING your execution of plan. Your body is changing A LOT! You can see abs, veins, and people are starting to ask if you're prepping for a show! You can wear all your nice lean clothes again cause your body is starting to be banging LOL and you get your confidence BACK! Cravings are gone... pffft you wouldn't cheat if someone paid ya cause you are in it to win it! This is also when you start to plan out your comps for the rest of the year LOL because you feel like you could PREP FOREVER!

For pregnancy
months 3-6

*MORNING SICKNESS IS OVER YEAH!!!! Best feeling in the world! You're not nearly as tired anymore... and your cute lil bump is starting to show as baby, not fat. You can wear cute maternity clothes... People start asking you how far along you are... AND the most exciting you can find out the sex of the baby!! You can then pick out names, maybe start registering for your shower... this is also when you say you want five kids...HELL you feel like you could be PREGNANT FOREVER, you just love it!

And then the last Trimester!
For prepping it is the last 4 weeks
*You will push your body to a limit that it can only take for so long... you will be tired burnt out, and MOODY for no reason at all. You are hungry annoyed and FORGET why the HELL you do this to YOURSELF!! You can't sleep, you can't work, you can't even communicate properly...All you think about is the show.

*People start telling you you look sick, too little, emaciated. If you have to answer what's wrong one more fucking time at the gym, work, or from a family member,or friend : YOU WILL get out the biggest megaphone you can find and shout "I am burning more calories than I am taking IN, I am sick of this food, this has been MY LIFE for the last three months and now I just want it to be over with DAMMIT! I want to get up on that stage, I want to be recognized for my HARD WORK and dedication, I want to win my class and MOST of all I WANT A FREAKING LARGE CHEESE PIZZA AND A MARTINI! And if you ask me one more time why I put myself through this for a damn trophy, I may beat you with my LOG BOOK and lifting straps!"

*Your mind starts playing tricks on you... did I gain fat, do I look worse, am I flat, did those two cheez its mess up my plan? Should I have done more cardio, did I do too much cardio? The list goes on and on. And you may at this time tell yourself THIS is the last show for you, you are done competing its just to MUCH.

*Oh yeah and all you do is PEE

For pregnancy
the last 3 months

*OK you're done. It's not cute anymore, you are a walking HOUSE. Your belly HURTS and itches constantly. You can't sleep get comfortable or EVEN SEE your feet for that matter.

* If one more person asks you how you feel or when you're due you're gonna scream!

*You just want this baby OUT DAMMIT!

*Then fears and anxiety kicks in... you went to birthing class - which made you realize HOW MUCH PAIN this is actually going to be and you feel overwhelmed, this is not physically possible. You read the parenting books... what the hell are you getting into? You can't afford college, what if your baby has collic, what if your baby has Downs, what if its a boy when they told you it was a girl... what if, what if, what if!
And at this time you may decide I AM NEVER having any more kids!!!!

*Oh yeah and all you do is PEE

But from someone who has been through both HORRIBLE PREPS and HORRIBLE PREGNANCIES. The HIGHS and LOWS, the ups and downs, the good and evil of both COMPETING, AND HAVING A CHILD... at the end of the day it is the GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT you will ever is the greatest feeling!!! Your passion for striving to better yourself through competing, can easily be compared to the unconditional love for your children. And as HORRIBLE as the roller coaster ride can be... YOU WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN ... in a minute!! It is who we are!

And then there is post-partum depression which can be compared to post comp blues... but I'm too tired from prepping with 22 month old twins to write out all those comparisons! LOL

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