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Default My day of Normal Nudity

I was going to post this in my journal but I thought it was worth sharing with everyone.
Today I went to an all-nude Korean spa for the day. I had bought a pass on Groupon and it looked interesting so I thought… why not? Plus I had just had a huge splurge meal yesterday and thought it’d be great to sweat some of that sugar and fat out!
I ventured in… its one big spa/sauna/pool rooms that’s required you be fully nude. I was a little weary about my post-splurge food-baby. But I disrobed and walked into the main spa. There were about 75-100 women walking around in the buff at any given time while I was there. I could not believe the shapes of some of these women. In this entire crowd there were two women who did not have belly rolls of some kind or dimpled bumms. Not a single one of them had any kind of muscle tone. And maybe two of them you would consider to be in “decent shape”... maybe runners. I’m not saying this to be mean, I was simply observing my surroundings. Suddenly I felt like the “weird one” in a room full of “normal American women”. All of a sudden I realized just how hyper critical I am (we are) in the competitive world of our physiques.
The average American women were all around me. Most of them have probably never ever wondered what their body fat percentage was or what a macro or micro nutrient is. Most of them have never even entertained the idea of stepping on a stage in a bikini or would even think something like that was normal. Yet we here are consumed by it day in and day out….

I think we need to put all we do into perspective and not get down on ourselves over the little things like food-babies and holding water, or whatever your physique nemesis may be.
It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to do what we do. Even on our worst of days, we are extraordinary!

‎"Just because you get the puppy dog with the biggest feet doesn't mean he'll grow up to be the best hunting dog," -Nick Saban

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