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Default Final List Of Pro Competitors!

2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro


Bustamante, Myriam
Linsey, Zoa
Moher, Gayle
Nelson, Colette
Oriquen, Yaxeni
Paparone, Jeannie
Pariso, Betty
Pervis, Akila
Segura, Maria del Carmen
Stanback, Diana
Thompson, Antoinette
Westerfield, Dena

FITNESS - 8 Women

Bambrough, Stefanie
Grishina, Oksana
Johnson, Tanji
Marquez, Nita
Murray-Ward, Bridgette
Polanco, Yenny
Palmer, Julie
Rodriguez, Camala

FIGURE - 23 Women

Allen, Listy
Chiles, Crystal
Cimmino, Lynn
Escalante, Monica Mark
Fodor, Linda
Gibson, Sabrina Taylor
Haskell, Lydia
Hernandez, Jennifer
Meade, Jamie
Minear, Jodie
Mullarkey, Karen
O'Neil, Amy
Patton, Debbie
Romero, Felicia
Romero, Rosa Maria
Sakamoto, Mindi
Smith, Mindi
Tanji, Chaundra
Terlesky, Angela
Tesori, Kathleen
Titone, Ann
Waldrop, Taylor
White, Tina
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Thanks Sioux! Looks like it'll be a great show!

Team Siouxcountry!
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Holy Sh!$, that's a great figure lineup! So many rookies, it is hard to predict how everything will turn out. Good luck to all the ladies competing this weekend
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I've said it before and I'll say it again: this is going to be one hell of a show. The biggest fight I think is going to be between Zoa Linsey, Yaxeni Oriquen, Betty Pariso, and Colette Nelson. Granted I've been a big fan of the latter three I listed for quite a long time now, I really want to see Zoa win for two reasons: 1) she looks amazing and 2) she's the underdog* amongst them, and the other three have had their times to shine several times. No disrespect toward them and I wish them well all the same, but I feel that it's truly Zoa's time to shine.

*I say she's the underdog purely because this is her first pro show.
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I cant wait for Saturday!!
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Agree with everyone...what a line up in each division!

Way to start the year 2010!!

Good luck to all competitors and families!!
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i believe Debbie Patton is a bodybuilder transforming to figure. I competed with her years ago (different weight classes) so i am looking forward to see her physique as a figure competitor!!!
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Wow! What a line up!!! Can't wait to watch it on Ustream too!
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this gonna be a great show !
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This is gonna be a real exciting show!
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