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Default Comp Dreams

We've all had them, right? I hear people talking about them and how they usually have them during prep.

I had a dream that I discovered the salad dressing I was using had 170 cals per serving, but I thought it was zero!! I freaked out! I can remember seeing the nutriton label in my dream perfectly. It was so real, I had to double check the bottle when I woke up!! LOL!!

I've also had a dream I forgot to tan and walked on stage totally white, and my very first comp I had a dream I fell on stage and could not get up. I woke myself up in bed doing a pushup!!

What are some of your weirdest competition dreams??
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OMGosh and lol!!!!
how funny you remembered the exact #-170!
ive dreamt about going on stage without tanner AND not going on stage in shape.this past prep i dreamed i competed in bikini,like 2 weeks after i gave birth to lil M-was late to the venue,forgot my bikini so had to wear a figure suit,which was my old one from like 3 yrs agao and it was WAY too tight,but had to wear something...forgot dream tan so had to use the spray tanner,had to get naked in front of some guy so he could tan me...and then halfway through tanning,bikini girls get called to line up,so i go on stage,only the front side of me tan,with a toooooo tight suit,fat rolls hanging out,no definition what so ever,no make up on,hair not done...gah! it was horrible!!!

i think the reason so many of have dreams like this is because it is our minds way to process all those little doubts that creep in the back of our minds so close to a show...all those thoughts of:
will i be ready in time?
will i peak to soon?
will i be nervous on stage?
will i make top call out?
will i place?
will i fall on stage because the floor wasnt wiped down after bb'ers?
will i come in looking my best?better than last show?
will just ONE bite of cake really be that bad?
dreams like that are just a "normal" part of prep,i think?lol!
just hang in there becca!
stay away from salad dressing just in case!
Melissa Cunningham
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I have dreams related to eating stuff also. Like I'll eat some cake or something in my dream and then start freaking out so bad, I wake up all stressed out. I get made when I have dreams like that, only because when I eat in a dream, I totally feel like I tasted it and everything, and if I know it is a dream, I just go YUM! But most of the time I don't and it freaks me out. LOL.

I've had the usual dreams of going on stage without tan, or something like that also here and there, but I really usually have something related to food haha!!

‎"If you don't have confidence, you'll always find a way not to win." ~Carl Lewis
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I've had TONS of food dreams. I eat like a huge big mac or a dozen cupcakes, and ruin everything lol. OR I get on stage and I'm like 300lbs. SO funny!
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