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Chat & Introduction We chat about everything, and anything. Stop on in and introduce yourself.

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Old 04-08-2008, 09:00 PM
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Default ok....if you dont laugh at this....

there is something wrong with you....

ok....a city guy moves to the country. and he decides to go for a stroll.

he starts out walking down a long dirt road, when he comes across a guy with a bunch of donkey's. the man looks at him and says, "hey, you're new around these parts arent ya." "yes sir i am." "do you have any animals yet?" "not really, just a cat and a dog. are you selling those donkey's? i think i could really use one." "well you are in luck. I have one you can have for free. the thing is he's a bit stubborn. he likes having his belly scratched. and when he wants it, he will just set down until you do it." "oh...ok....thanks mr. thanks for the donkey." "oh wait one more thing son. we call them asses out here in the country."

so they guys continues along the road, and he sees a guy with a bunch of roosters. the man walks up...and asks, "hey, how much for a rooster?" "rooster.....these be cock's, atleast thats what we calls em out here in the must be new around here." "well yes sir i am." "well if that be the can have this one ere for free...." "well thank you."

the man walks a lil further down the road. and sees a chicken farm. oh i need a chicken....he thinks. walks up to the chickens, and looks around. and an old man pops up. "what can i do ya fer?" "well think i need a chicken, can i buy one?" "well yes'sir.....but just so you know, we out here call em pullets.....that'll be $25." "oh, ya go."

well the guy is walking down the road for a while. chicken under one arm, and rooster under the other, holding on to the donkey with a rope.

when out of no where....the donkey sits down. the man thinks....oh crap...wht do i do now.

just about then, Betty Lou comes walking down the road. now Betty Lou is the most gorgeous woman in three counties......the guy flags her down.....and says...."excuse me miss?" "well, hello,can i help you?"

"well yeah, can you hold my cock and pullet, while i scratch my ass?"

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